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Today’s neighborhoods are far too complex to return to the simpler living of our not so distant past. Yet we can bring into the lives of current and future generations of our youth the understanding and wisdom that life provided during those simpler times; when connecting to each other in real and wholesome ways was a way of life.

Introducing, Kids on the Porch – a modern day Little Rascals styled show with meaningful messages imparted to the youth of today. Kids on the Porch will be a vehicle for self-expression, empowerment, community involvement, learning, and teaching for kids agesĀ 5 to 17. The goals of this unique show are to affect positive, healthy and dynamic change while assisting our youth in becoming productive members of society. And make no mistake about it; Kids on the Porch will deal with the hard-hitting challenges and issues that kids face every day including peer pressure, bullying, emotional abuse, racism, violence, gangs, and drug and alcohol abuse.

Kids on the Porch is a cutting-edge new media project – partially scripted and guided by educational professionals. It follows the successful and growing formula of Internet Micro/Mini Series TV in a half-hour storytelling format. The project, based on Creator/Executive Producer Rayna Ray’s own background, draws on the memorable days of a childhood growing up with her grandmother; a steady and wise matriarch who taught her, and the neighborhood children, the values of family and life lessons from the front porch of her home.

Our “Porch” provides a safe environment for our children to meet and talk about their modern day achievements and failures, concerns and fears, and their far-reaching dreams and aspirations. Kids on the Porch will create a wonderful setting for motivating and thought-provoking teachable moments to empower our audience. Our format and messages are designed to instill in our young: a voice, purpose, and action to become a powerful influence for good in their homes and communities. The principles and positive messages voiced on the show will continue to be an advocacy to America’s deep held and long standing beliefs in traditions, ethics, and family values.

In each half-hour episode, kids explore and examine age-appropriate topics they face on a day-to-day basis. The topical conversations are expertly directed by our educational professionals to create the greatest effect and impact on our viewers. Our cadre of young actors delves into both simple and complex issues, and questions that require thought-out solutions to these concerns of life in this 21st century. Our viewers will distinguish how Kids on the Porch deals with and resolves each issue in a positive way – creating the show’s featured “teachable moments.” At the conclusion of each show, cast members will express in their own words their personal feelings on the topic, further expressing a unique view to our Kids on the Porch world.

Cyberspace has taken the place of yesteryear’s neighborhood porches and backyards, and it is through the far-reaching power of internet distribution that we have a clear path to reaching and engaging kids in this method to which they are all so well accustomed. Kids on the Porch will launch on the World Wide Web, and through its promotions on sites such as Facebook, You Tube, Myspace, Twitter, Google, Yahoo and more, we will reach millions of kids nationally and internationally.

Finally, a show for kids and about kids addressing the diverse and real challenges they face today – explored and expressed in a creative and genuine way. This is the exciting vision of Kids on the Porch.


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