Brenna Rhea

December 21, 2009, Posted by admin at 6:04 pm

Brenna Rhea is an outgoing, 16 year-old girl, working towards her life long dream of becoming an actress. Four years ago she moved to California in pursuit of her heart’s desire. She started acting at the age of six under the guidance of a young gifted teacher, Amy Oakenson. The moment she hit the stage was the day she knew she wanted to be an actress. With her mom’s guidance and family’s help, she has trained with prestigious  and well-known directors, and traveled in theatrical groups. Brenna feels very fortunate to have achieved success in her early career. She would like to thank her mom and brother, who have been supportive of all of her choices, as well as everyone else that has helped her along the way.

Brenna’s Guitar Center Commercial

Brenna’s Maytag Commercial

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  1. Sabrina Ann says:

    You are great to work with I hope to see u in movies on day good luck =)

  2. Carolina Hilderbrand says:

    your awesome! shine on!

  3. Todd Zwetzig says:

    Hello, I am a good friend of your father Tim. Even though we are far apart, me in Colorado and he in Utah, He as kept me informed of all that you are doing. He is so proud of you that he bursts with Joy, sometimes tears, every time he shares your accompishments with me. I have seen your Maytag commercials and the intro to your latest Vampire Movie, what pictures! How scary, but neat! It is wonderful and great that you are doing so well in your career, and sounds like you have a great event coming up with the premier of your vampire movie. I wish you the best of luck and look forward to seeing all thethings that you do. Remember to always thank the Lord and put him first for the blessings he has put in your life. You are a wonderful young woman, with a great road in front of her. God bless and wishing the best for you.

  4. Tim Jorgensen says:

    You have always been a star in my eyes and I am very very happy to see that you are following your dream. Keep going my sunshine and I too wish you my very best for you

  5. Tim Jorgensen says:

    The Actor’s Prayer

    As on the stage I take my place, I pray that I not know disgrace. Allow me not to drop a cue, and niether on the scenery chew, Make not my props to go astray.
    Allow no entrance to delay. That I may not be left to groan, and hang upon the stage alone.
    Make all the critics to be kind, to imperfections make them blind, and keep my brain both quick and cool. Lest of myself I make a fool. May all my line be spoken as wit. Please make this play to be a hit.


  6. You’ve always had that something special about you since you we’re a little girl. Stay grounded and always remember your family in Colorado loves you and are vere proud of you.

  7. gilberto says:

    KOol WebsItE BRennA “”"”LOVE YOU BRENNA!!!!!!!!!! =D

  8. Eldred says:

    Good job Brenna. Keep reaching for your dreams.

  9. Megan says:

    Hey BFF Break-A-Leg! ♥ Love Ya!

  10. Nels Timm says:

    She has a great chemistry and should be a star.

  11. Igor says:

    You seem on the right track to being successful. Good job, and good luck!

  12. Megan says:

    Since I’m bored at school I’mm gonna leave you another comment because I’m cool like that! BREAK A LEG LOVE YOU
    ~Megan ♥

  13. Tiffany Jorgensen says:

    Congratz! Keep the good work and live your dream.

  14. Emma Jorgensen says:

    Good going Brenna, I’m so proud of you. Keep it up and remember I love you very much. Remember God loves you too.
    God Bless you
    Grandma J.

  15. beckky=] says:

    haha hope u do well in acting!=]

  16. Brenna says:

    Brenna is one of those people that just has to make it. no one this talented and driven could ever stay unnoticed for long. her dedication is contagious!

  17. Christina McHugh says:

    You go girl! I know you’re gonna make it big mad soon! && I’mma totally be like;; “Chea. Brenna’s my friend. Jealous? Yeah. Thought so. :] ”

    Love ya, girl!!

    Stina <3

  18. clairebear says:

    I like the maytag commercial! :D its cool haha good job banging on the washing machine…?

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