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Kylie McFaden

February 16, 2011, Posted by admin at 6:02 pm

Kylie was born on January 6, 1999. Her natural leadership qualities helped her to win “The Hope of America” award in 2010. Her hobbies include dancing, acting, singing and playing soccer. In 2010 her soccer team went on to win 1st place in their region. Kylie enjoys school and does well academically. She is very [...]

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Lileigh Waller

February 16, 2011, Posted by admin at 1:00 pm

Performing is twelve year old Lileigh Waller’s life. Believe it or not, she got a taste of being in front of a camera when she was three weeks old. World famous photographer, Anne Geddes, chose Lileigh to be on the cover of her 2000 Baby Calendar. Geddes International also created a doll in Lileigh’s likeness [...]

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Brian Almeida

February 10, 2011, Posted by admin at 7:29 pm

Brian Almeida started his acting career at the early age of 2, when  he starred in several national television commercials for K-Mart and an  international one broadcast in Mexico. He is currently twelve years old, just participated in a new upcoming TV show for the Disney Channel, and is currently working with the cast of [...]

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Kizzara Jacobs

January 29, 2011, Posted by admin at 4:48 pm

Kizzara Jacobs, an energetic 16 year old, just started her acting career in April of 2010. Once she joined Kids On The Porch, she knew that acting was her passion and joined her school’s theatre and drama club. Besides acting, she enjoys writing poems, dancing, learning new things, laughing, and quoting movies. Kizzara’s goal is [...]

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Gabriel Sean Elias

January 28, 2011, Posted by admin at 5:45 pm

Gabriel started acting at the age of nine. He’s trained in dramatic scene study, on-camera commercial acting, sit-com, improv, singing, guitar, and dancing. He has appeared in plays such as: Whatev! and Chateau Escargot; comedy showcases, and films such as: A Long Walk, The Fighter & The Clown, and  Innocent Bystanders. He has also appeared in several music [...]

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Celeste Ramirez

January 27, 2011, Posted by admin at 2:53 pm

Celeste Ramirez was born on December 13, 1996 in Los Angeles, California. Since she was a little girl, she has enjoyed making people laugh. She has a passion for dancing, modeling, acting. She has developed an alliance with writing, drawing, reading, music and fasion. Shes been in Taekwondo since she was 8 years old, she’s [...]

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Kristen Powell

January 27, 2011, Posted by admin at 1:48 pm

Kristen Powell is 11 years old and brings a triple threat of talent to show business. This year, she landed TV roles in Criminal Minds Suspect Behavior and Children’s Hospital (Cartoon Network/Adult Swim).  Kristen began performing in musical theatre at the age of 5 & has now performed in over 20 productions, including two lead [...]

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Mya Ford

October 25, 2010, Posted by admin at 2:00 pm

Mya Ford is 8 years old. Born and raised in the Inland Empire, Ca, she first began her journey in the Entertainment Industry at age 6. She is a singer, dancer and actress. She has appeared on television shows such as: My Name Is Earl and Raising The Bar. Mya also filmed a National Commercial [...]

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Tanya Marie A. Bitanga

October 25, 2010, Posted by admin at 1:27 pm

Tanya Marie A. Bitanga is 14 years old and has performed in many recitals and shows since she was six. She is a cheerful, loving daughter, sister, and friend who is very happy in the company of her family and friends. Tanya’s passion for dancing, singing, and acting keeps her motivated to actively look at [...]

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Derek Bloom

August 17, 2010, Posted by admin at 11:10 pm

Derek Bloom was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, and moved to Southern California about six years ago. He loves to do improv and is a student at the Groundlings Improvisation School in West Hollywood.  He loves acting, playing tennis, biking, and just relaxing with friends. Derek goes to school in San Diego, but he [...]

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