Evan Hope

January 25, 2010, Posted by admin at 10:28 am

Evan Hope is a talented, kind, and well mannered twelve year old boy.  Originally from Laurel, Mississippi, he has resided in Inglewood, CA since the age of two.  Evan has always loved to perform, even at a younger age.  He has performed in many school plays and was a lead soloist in his last school choir.  He is a brown-red-belt in Taekwondo, learning how to play the piano, and would also like to learn how to play the guitar. Evan wants to one day become a surgeon or a famous actor. He feels grateful and would like to thank ”Kids on the Porch” for giving him the opportunity to pursue the latter.

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  1. Milad says:


    I am your Uncle from Germany. You Rock Buddy

  2. Roberto says:

    Hi little nephew this is your uncle from Germany.
    Sam told me ur on this cool new webshow and of course i had to check it out. We wish you a lot of luck and we hope to see you soon on TV.


  3. Romyo says:

    Hi there

    It’s me Romyo from Germany. Just wishing you luck.

  4. Maya says:

    I am Maya from Germany
    And i can not wait to see your show.

    I will tell my friends i promise

  5. Mom says:

    I am sooooooooo proud of you. Keep up the good work
    and positive attitude and you will go far.
    Love ya,

  6. Vanessa says:

    Hey Evan
    I wish you all the best from Germany

  7. Judah says:

    Hey there my friend

    This is your friend from sweden. Looking forward to see you soon online.
    Good luck

  8. Sam says:

    Was uuuuuuuuuup

    You look good in your pic buddy. You will make it big time trust in God and have faith.


  9. mark says:

    hey evan its your friends mark

  10. Dad says:

    im proud of you. Keep up with the good work!

    love,your dad

  11. Gabriel says:


    Just wishing you luck.

  12. taly says:

    Good boy ,fighting , Taly from china

  13. Uncle Mick says:

    Hey Evan, I knew all your positive energy would get you in a positve space to share with others. Good luck nepphew>

  14. alyssa clifford says:

    i am sooooo looking forward to working with you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Hans says:

    Hello, Evan!
    You are looking good, you are training your brain and body,
    that´s the base of a carreer! And i wish you good luck! You will do it!!!!

  16. smity-t (TONY SMITH) says:

    looking good keep up the excellent work.
    you are setting a wonderful example to the other kids of how
    hard work can and will pay of.

  17. Amber says:

    Hey, Evan!!!!!!!

    I’m so excited for you! You’re doing it real big, and I’m proud. Congratulations and Good Luck!!

    Your Godsister,

  18. The Hope Family (Arizona) says:

    Hey Evan, you’re doing a great job. Kepe up the good work and you will go places :) !!! We’re so proud of you.

  19. Sylvia Hope says:

    Hi Evan,
    I am so proud of you keep up the good work with your singing and piano. God bless you.
    Love Nana

  20. Aunt Sherlett from Corona,CA says:

    Hello Evan,words can’t express how excited I am for you. I love you and want you to always remember”Determination” and hard work will always pay off at the end. Good luck from your Aunt Sherlett.

  21. La Quenta Lewis says:

    Hi Even,
    You are such a great young man with a lot of talent. Keep up the great work and reach for the stars. I’m very proud of you.
    Di Jon Lewis Mom

  22. The Victorville Hopes says:

    Hey Evan
    You are on your way to greatness with that awesome voice, and your love for music. May God continue to bless you on your journey.
    Love always, Uncle LInford

  23. yasmeen king says:

    Hi Evan I just want to say good luck and have fun. love your cousin Yasmeen.

  24. deborah says:

    Hey evan,
    I’m so very proud of you!!!
    Keep reaching for the stars, because one of them have your name on it. Stay focused and true to thyself.
    With Much Love,
    Momma Burr

  25. dad says:

    keep your focus put trust in God and he will bless you always.

    Your Dad love Always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Shirlet Hope (Gardena, CA) says:

    Dear Evan, I am very proud of you and all you do. Focus on your dreams, but always remember to stay grounded. You are a child of God and truly blessed. Remain prayerful and know that God will guide you always. Enjoy yourself and have fun!! Best wishes always. With much love, Aunt Shirlet

  27. Dana Mack says:

    We’re so happy 4 u !!!! Keep up da good work . Jesus Give da gift of knoweledge 2 make people feel get. Praise Jesus For that.. I very happy for everything u r doin with ur life.. love always.. Aunt Dana..

  28. Milad S. says:

    Hey Evan,
    I’m also from Germany and I have to say that this show is such a good idea. It’s a big thing to support other kids and take responsibilty for the community, especially for your age.

    Take care and be blessed. Good luck for the show.

  29. Uncle Chris says:

    Whats up Ev,

    where have you been I have not seen you in a long time kyle is 2 years old know can you beleive it. I need to have you over to take care of him for me. Tell your dad to let you call me so we can do something. Luv always Uncle Chris.

  30. dad says:

    love you son always dad

  31. Clay Hope I says:

    Hello Evan,

    This ia Papa. As you know I am now working in Belize trying to help the kids here to excel in Mathematics. However I have not forgotten my oldest grandchild. Keep doing what you are doing and I will keep bragging to the people down here about you. You make me happy and proud to call you grandson. I am not there to go to your shows but I am sure that Nana fills in for me. I will see you in the summer when school closes. Continued luck in everything you do.



  32. Arlene Rosewood Staff says:

    Evan i love you,Love you,Love you,i always want you to Thank good of yourself and know you can do anything. you made all of us so pround of you. Love Always.

  33. Audette Johnson says:

    Hi Evan, this is your cousin Audette in Dallas, Texas. Just want to say, I am proud of you and keep doing your best. Remember, you can do and be anything you want just keep working hard, stay focus and you will succeed! Lots of Love and hopefully one day I will see in action! Love Ya

  34. Audette Johnson says:

    Hopefully I will see you in action!!!

  35. Alvin and Sandra Peters says:

    Hi Evan,
    This is your Grand Uncle Alvin and Grand Aunt Sandra from NY.
    We are so proud of you and quite handome!!
    May God continue to bless you all your endeavors. Sorry we missed last month while we were in LA.
    Bear Hug and a Wet Kiss :O)
    We love you stay positive!!!

  36. Shawanda Amison says:

    hi Even happy b-day. twin hope yours was as great as mine. sorry could not call I have no phone.

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