Jade Nicole Wogenstahl

January 15, 2010, Posted by admin at 8:29 pm

Jade Nicole Wogenstahl is 16 years old. Her favorite hobbies are singing, writing songs, and playing the guitar. Acting is one of her first passions as well as singing professionally. Jade is currently working with a non-profit organization called Female Film Makers on a project call “Camp Dreamland.” She will be involved with this camp as a counselor to learn the various areas of the film industry and pass her knowledge down to young children. She is always ready to venture into new projects. In her words, she sees herself as outgoing and kind of a dork, but fun to be around.

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  1. Coral says:

    I am very proud of Jade. Thanks to Kids on The Porch & stepping in to Hollywood for Jades career.

  2. cheyenne says:

    awe!! jade, beautiful picture!!!! im so very proud to call you my friend! lol….. love yuh!!!


  3. Carolina Hilderbrand says:

    aww jade u look so cute! cant wait to see u again :)

  4. Sis says:

    Hey Jade,
    Great picture! Keep up the good work, enjoy and have fun with all that you do!
    Aunt Sis

  5. Judy Smith says:

    Way to go, Jade – I’m proud of you!!

  6. Jon Wogenstahl says:

    Jade has grown up to be such a great person. She is her own person with a great personality and I am proud of her for following her dreams. She always stays true to herself and I am proud of her for that.

  7. Karen Wogenstahl says:

    Way to go, Jade! Keep up the good work and continue to strive for success in everything you do in life! Stay as sweet as you are!

  8. Steve Barnett says:

    Jade seems like a driven girl who will get what she wants in life eventually. She also has an awesome mother who is dedicated to supporting her in all that she does.

  9. Kady says:

    Jade you are so grown up and so beautiful! Goodluck with everything!

  10. Silver says:

    You Rock Jade! Keep at it!!!

  11. Nick Diaz says:

    Hey, Jade, remeber me? I met you today at the audition for Bobby Boy! Great Picture. I hope to see you again!

  12. Kianna says:

    Hey Jade it has been great getting to know you! :)

  13. Nina Smith says:

    Hey Jade,
    How have you been? You may not remember me but we used to go to school together in Corona, CA and we both went to Corona Ranch Elementary. We were good friends there. Demaijia and Matthew went there. But just email me Ndenices@yahoo.com. Well hope to hear from you.

    Nina Smith

  14. Tania says:

    Hey Jade,

    We watched some of the clips on utube. Great job and I love your Picture. You look so grown up. Keep up the good work .We love and miss ya bunches.

    The Freilings(Tania)

  15. Adriana says:

    Hey jade,

    Its Adriana i miss you girl!!! Great job on everything,, im so proud of you:) i liked the Thriller dance, that was really cute. Good luck in the future, i hope to see you over the summer!!;)<3
    love Adriana

  16. Cyndi says:

    You have such a great personality. I wish you the best!!!!

  17. Lileigh says:

    U r a great singer and actress. U r AWESOME!!!!

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