Jennifer Cooper

February 16, 2010, Posted by admin at 4:06 pm

Jennifer Cooper is twelve years old. She loves acting, singing, and performing. Apart from appearing on “Kids on The Porch,” she has participated in stage plays and performances. Jennifer loves animals; especially horses and dogs. She loves horseback riding, swimming, bowling, reading, ice-skating, rollerskating, rollerblading, and playing with her Nintendo DSi. In addition, she has participated in several film projects and studied drama. She hula dances and volunteers with LA’s Best at a local elementary school’s after school program. Jennifer is thrilled to be a member of the “Kids on the Porch” crew.

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  1. Lucy Gratz says:

    Excellent story lines Good luck with telling kids about better choices in life with your acting .

  2. Lucy Gratz says:

    Follow your dreams with acting, don’t give it up if it your true love,my own daughter is graduating high school this year and hopes to continue on with her dreams, one of which is acting also. Special wishes for your future.

  3. Peter Han says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    Good luck for your future what you want to do including acting! God bless you and your willingness to accomplish it. Go Jennifer!

  4. jenny m. says:

    hope u good luck

  5. Mayra says:

    keep you striving for your dream. Keep up all the hard work and good luck God Bless! =)

  6. Caroline says:

    hey great job dont give up

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