Jovan Armand

December 21, 2009, Posted by admin at 3:35 am

Jovan is an only child, who loves to make people smile, and he is hoping to be able to do so through his acting talent. At age four, he enjoyed a few pageants and found he liked the cameras. He asked his mother about commercials from that point on, until at the age of eight, she agreed to give him the opportunity to see if acting is something he would enjoy. He made his acting debut in a supporting role in a Latin film Festival top 10 short film, “La Sorpresa!’ and was a featured child on the “Fighting Obesity in Children” excercise DVD, with acclaimed boxer Roy Jones Jr. Now he is blessed to be a part of a wonderful new production he hopes you will all tune in to watch and enjoy!

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  1. Penate,Clarissa says:

    You rock and you’re the best cousin in the world!!!!!

  2. DIANA says:

    You are great! cute and funny, keep up the good work Jovan!

  3. Sandra Cervantes says:

    I watched “La Sorpresa” and it made me laugh a lot. Keep working hard because I am sure that you will only get better and better. Good Luck!

  4. Armando Izquierdo says:

    Known Jovan for like six months, had him at my house a couple of weeks ago and needles to say that he just fitted right in and made most of my guests “male” laugh.
    Has a very positive attitude and is defintely out going.

  5. leslie mejia says:

    hey congrats i hope ur dreams come tue

  6. Olivia Robles says:

    I watched your movie and it was great and my dad work’s with your mom.I hope you make another movie and my favorite part of the movie was when you started to eat the cake because that was really funny to me.

  7. Sophia Robles says:

    I really liked your movie it was very funny. My dad also works with your mom. Good job, and keep up the good work!:)

  8. peter goerge says:

    what up brook

  9. "Mir" Miriam says:

    Hi Lil Man

    You look so cute in this picutre. Congrats lil star. remember me when you get famous, I will remind your mom.

    I hope you get more jobs *big ones* soon. You’ll be the famous lil one I know.

    Take care

    Kisses & hugs

  10. Virginia - your "mom" says:

    I am so proud of you and the cast of KOTP. Keep your head up and keep working hard. I am here to support your dreams!

    Love Mom

  11. annicka elisabeth grosz says:

    You are so funny and i can’t wait to work with you. See you soon.


  12. Sandra Rodriguez says:

    i’m so proud of my nephew and my couisand it’s a very good mother to him may God Bless them all the time and guide them
    in there path love you guys

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