Kaitlin Morgan

January 3, 2010, Posted by admin at 4:37 pm

Kaitlin Morgan is a southern California girl who plays on her school’s basketball team and is also a member of the cheerleading squad. She loves hip-hop, gymnastics and time on the computer. Katie says: “The most important things in my life are my family and friends-then probably my two Chow-Chow puppies, Ginger and Bailey.” Katie is a straight “A” student and hopes, one day, to be “a professional actress or a veterinarian.”

Katie Morgan lands her face in the OC County Register

Katie Morgan 9, of Santa Monica, sports a mask she made herself at the The Craft and Hobby Association Show in Anaheim Sunday.



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  1. Geoff Martin says:

    Good for you, Katie! Keep up the good work and looking forward to the play in March! Geoff

  2. Michelle Hernandez says:

    Proud of you Katie! Keep it up…I’m sure this is only the beginning for you. :) Reach for the stars!

  3. Merlin's Mom says:

    What a super website Katie!
    Best of luck in your endeavours.

  4. Pearl's mom says:

    Hey Sweet Pea, you have a lot of people rooting for you dear. You sure are beautiful. Good luck, I know you are going to do great things. Give a kiss to your puppies for me.

  5. kathleen says:

    Katie…you sound like one talented and happy girl!!! I wish you all the luck in the world on all that you are involved in. hey…I have chow puppies too!!! Im not in the performing arts but am a visual artist. i wish, when i was your age, i had the opportunities you have now. grab them and hang on!!!

  6. Ann1e says:

    I am one of the chow group people and I want to wish you much success. This is a beautiful site and you look like a really nice and talented girl. Enjoy it…….it looks like fun!

  7. Maddie says:

    I like your picture and your bio page. I want one just like it. You’re the best big sister in the world.

  8. Eve says:

    Katie, good luck with this– you have an amazing family behind you, and I know you’ll do well!

  9. Nadine says:

    Good Luck Katie you are one very smart and beautiful girl. Wishing you all the best in all that you do. Your moms chow friend.

  10. Ava says:

    Good luck Katie! Wish you all the best:)

  11. Betty Monello says:

    Congratulations Katie! You are an awesome young lady with a lot of talent. All of us at Pinecrest School are rooting for you!
    xoxo Mrs. Monello

  12. Jeff Morgan says:

    KATIE ROCKS! You are the picture of a California Girl! We can’t wait to watch you on T.V., with your personality you will pop-off the screen…Keep it up-Girl-Power!

  13. I love your website,you are so talanted.

  14. Lisa Calabrese says:

    Congrats! Keep up the good work and most importantly have fun while you do!

  15. Katie,

    CONGRATULATIONS on your new role!!! We were so AMAZED at the INCREDIBLE PERFORMANCE you gave as “Shelly” in our film and we can’t wait for you and the rest of the cast to get to see the film at our first screening…

    I hope the producers of your new project realize how lucky they are to have cast you… and we know you’ll be GREAT!!!

    Looking forward to hearing all about it!!

    ALl the best (and xoxox)
    Michelle, Barbara & Kathleen
    Greenie Films

  16. Lisa Morgan says:

    Congratulations, Katie!!! You’re doing so well and we’re so proud of you!!

  17. Steve Prover says:

    Hey Katie,
    With your growing fame and celebrity I hope you and Mom will have time to meet for Chinese food.


  18. Marty Kavinoky says:

    I’ve always thought that you were really talented since seeing you in children’s theater in Santa Monica.

    Congrats on this part and best of luck in your future career.

  19. Raquel Fernandez says:

    Dearest Katie….you’re GREAT! Keep up all that good work that will take you all the way to the top!

  20. Uncle Steve says:

    HI Katie, looks like you are doing some great things. It was great to see you, Maddie and family in November. Stay cool!
    Unk Steve

  21. Jared Morgan says:

    Can I have your autograph? It’ll be worth big bucks pretty soon. Break a leg. Keep it real.

  22. Cathy Smith says:

    Katie, Good Luck in all you do. We are all cheering for you.

  23. Joana Eleid says:

    Congratulations & Good Luck!
    xoxo Joana

  24. Aunt Diane says:

    Does the camera love you or what? Keep your heart on what is important as you reach for the stars!

  25. Andy Glassman says:

    My dear Kaitlin -
    Congratulations on your continued success. It has been a pleasure watching you grow into the rockin’ star you are today.
    Come back to the beach soon…. we miss you.

    Andy, Pili and everyone from Playa Bocana

  26. Dear Kaitlin

    You will be very succesfull because you look very talented. Congratulations!
    Come back soon to the beach!
    Elsa & Staff

  27. Cary Tracy Pugh says:

    Keep up the great work Katie!

    -Cary, Miss Woof & Moussé

  28. Aunt Holly says:

    Have fun and enjoy every moment! Congratulations!
    Hugs to you!

  29. Jobie says:

    Hi Katie
    You’re one talented and beautiful girl.
    You have a wonderful family behind you,
    so keep it up !
    May God shower his blessings upon you always.
    Good luck !

  30. Rebeka Ruiz says:

    Hi Katie. Good job and best of luck to you in everything that you do.

  31. Tamera Shea says:

    Hi Katie! I knew of you before you were even born lll and I can’t believe what a lovely young lady you have become so quickly. It seems like you were just born only a couple of years ago! Please take good care of GingerBear & Bailey and give your Mom a big hug from me!!

  32. Michelle Smart says:

    Hey Katie,

    Good luck on that contest! Get those messages/comments!

    Michelle Smart

  33. Lisa says:

    Katie – Congratulations! Good luck, and more importantly, have fun!

  34. Congratulations Katie!!! You are so talented and I’m looking forward to seeing your play next month. I hope that I’ll see you walking down the red carpet in a Lisamichelle dress soon. Good luck!

  35. Alexandra says:

    Katie – We are SO excited for you!!! Kyle and I can’t wait to see Kids on the Porch! You are a great talent, and this is just the beginning for you!
    Good luck with everything, best wishes and we know you will do well!
    (BTW – great photo of you too! You are a beautiful girl!)

  36. "Gramps" Morgan says:

    Well, I always knew you had talent… did not realize you had SO MUCH… Congrats to you and may the bluebird of happy movie parts perch on your bed every morning. Peggy and I are very proud of you and wish you the very best of luck….

  37. Maddie Morgan says:


  38. Christie Woo-Thibodeaux says:

    Good Luck!

  39. Rich Zisko says:

    Hi Katie:

    Congratulations on the part. Have fun.

  40. katie says:

    hi u guys waz up i am doing a play that starts in march a 15 show run so many reherals got this sat. so what u guys doing? r u guys ok

  41. Mark Rackow says:

    To the ultimate California girl, may all the best and greatest things in life be yours.

  42. Shannon says:

    I heard about the play at the Powerhouse! Congrats! That place is right by my house so we will definitely come see you preform. It sounds like you’re doing great and we can’t wait to come out and see you live.

  43. Sue P says:

    Congratulations, I can’t wait to see you in March. I know you’ll be great

  44. Lynne says:

    Katie! Good luck! This is super awesome!!!!!

  45. Wow, Katie, how awesome!! MY Katie, Samantha, and Danny are so proud of you! What a great experience! Can’t wait to see you to give you big hugs and congrats! Woo-HOO!!!

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