Mikera Bogue

November 23, 2009, Posted by admin at 4:17 pm

MikeraB2Mikera Bogue is 9 years old, a 4th grader at Edison Elementary, Glendale. She is outgoing and loves to entertain. She enjoys doing rythmic gymnastics and Hip-Hop dancing. She loves to roller skate and practice on her guitar. She is full of energy and always ready for action!

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  1. Xochitl Clare says:

    Wow Mikera! You look wonderful! I wish you all the best in the entertainment industry this upcomming year!

  2. Gyongyi says:

    Looks like a cool show and I wish you success.
    love Gyongyi

  3. Eva says:

    You are the best!!!! We love you.
    Good luck to you.
    Love Eva and Christina

  4. Erika, Mike says:

    We wish you and the show the best! Lucky: you are surrounded by the best kids from the porch. Great group! Love, xoxo, Mom and Dad

  5. SabrinaAnn says:

    You are a great person with also a great personality i just know u will go far in the buizz best of luck and keep on smiling =D

  6. smilineyes says:

    You are Beautiful and really do stand out. I wish you much success and happiness! Break a leg girl!!!
    Love you,
    Tishea and Kaley<3

  7. Darcy Danelian says:

    hey your pic is soo cute good luck and good job can’t wait to work with you!!

  8. Calvin says:

    Hey my crazy little cousine, So when can I see your acting in the pilot? I hope to see you a lot in it, and I hope they can see that you’re pretty good on acting. (Like when you’re getting me into trouble for not much!) But still love you.

  9. Chrigi says:

    Hey Mikera! Where is the trailer? The pictures are cool but I want to see you in action. I hope you’re kicking dirt with all your energy!! See you in Switzerland. Love, love, love, luck, luck, luck

  10. Bree Tanner says:

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