Nick Tull

January 22, 2010, Posted by admin at 8:01 am

Nick Tull is a fifteen year-old freshman at Foothill High School in Tustin, California. A lot of his time is spent in the swimming pool as a member of Foothill’s swim and water polo teams. He loves the beach, traveling, hanging out with his friends, playing video games, and watching movies. Nick has a knack for imitating voices from the movies but especially loves imitating characters from the Batman movies and Looney Tunes cartoons.

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  1. Judie says:

    With your talent at voices you are a natural, Nick! Can’t wait to see the show!

  2. Tony Tull says:

    Good luck Nick. You should go far with your good looks and talent.

  3. Dad says:

    Atta boy Nick. It’s been great watching you develop into the great kid that you’ve become. Keep working hard towards your dreams.

  4. Max says:

    Congratulations my little brother Nicky. Good luck and go get em.

  5. Mom says:

    To me you’ll always be my super star. As always….I’m so proud of you!!

  6. Shawn says:

    Haha good look Nick!! Cant wait to see you go big! By the way, nice hair. =)

  7. silviana Alexandra says:

    Good luck Nicky! You look so handsome.

  8. Steven Fisher says:

    Hey nicky, hope you do well on the show, youv’e always been wacky this will be a good chance to show it off, haha just kidding. good luck dude.

  9. Sonata says:

    With a smile like that, no one will ever forget this show or Nick’s name.

  10. Patrick says:

    hey man! if you work as hard at this and you do in the water, this can go somewhere!
    goodluck man and see you on deck :)

  11. Debbie says:

    Hey Nick-love the hair. What a cutie. Looks very Californian and just plain cool. Good luck to you on the show. Set your goals, envision yourself meeting those goals, and keep believing in yourself. Know you have a lot of people cheering
    for you and believing in you.

  12. Hillary says:

    Love the picture, cuz. Good luck to you. We love you here in Texas!

  13. Jay Dalimot says:

    Hey Nick!
    H2O polo guys are supposed to wear caps! It’s great to see that you look good even when you’re not in a pool! Best of luck!

  14. Gabe Ferro says:

    I Know you will do well on the show. Keep working hard on your dreams. Good luck!

  15. Anna Paz says:

    I know you are a hard worker. This will help you to go very far. As a great star don’t forget your Math classes :) Good luck on the show!!!

  16. Gonzalo Ferro says:

    You have the look of a great actor. As you have been successful in academics and sports your will make it great on the show!!!

  17. Grandma Lou says:

    You were the greatest zombie, and I especially loved that mat of red hair. Where did you get that much hair? I couldn’t believe you have gotten that tall. Still one of my favorite grandchildren!

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