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February 5, 2010

Kids On The Porch Kicks Off

“Soles of our Children” Shoe Drive

Culver City, Kids on the Porch is a new interactive web series created and produced by Executive Producer Rayna Raynell, a creative visionary who has worked with kids in her community for decades. She has brought together a great group of kids from all walks of life, for a fascinating look at how our porches and backyards have been replaced with technology. We long to return to when life was much simpler and kids could relate to each other in a real and genuine way. Kids on the Porch is a purpose driven show with a message for our youth about peer pressure, gangs, bulling, racism, and all the challenges they face today. Each episode is partially scripted and deals with age appropriate situations. Our cadre of young actors will have an opportunity to express, in their own words, their feelings on these topics, in a segment we have coined “Teachable Moments.”

Kids on the Porch is involved in a very important mission for Haiti called Soles of Our Children. We will be collecting used shoes that are in good condition to send to the kids affected by the Earthquake, Sunday February 28, 2010 at LA Rocco’s Pizzeria 3819 Main Street, Culver City, CA. 90232 from 1pm to 5pm. If you have any used kids shoes, please stop by, on or before the above date, and drop them off, meet the Kids on the Porch, and have a slice of pizza.

For more info, go to our website: or you contact us at 310-226-8480.


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