Reagan Beckwith

December 3, 2009, Posted by admin at 11:35 am

ReaganBeckwith2bioReagan Beckwith is a sophomore at Redlands East Valley High.  She writes for the school newspaper, “The Audeeis.” When she is not busy with the drama department she likes to go fishing and hunting with her dad and brothers. She always catches the biggest fish!

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  1. aunt melody says:

    I love you Reagan. You go girl!

  2. kaila rockenmacher says:

    Ronald Reagan! It’s Kroq! Add me on facebook!

  3. big mike says:

    I can’t wait to see you on an episode

  4. fishmike says:

    Reagan you seem very interesting. This show seems like a great idea

  5. yana luna says:

    o.m.g i cant wait to see u n an episode u go girl im so proud of u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love u

  6. max says:

    Hey you are a funny person you are going to do great :)

  7. Lauren says:

    I’m so proud of you!! I can’t wait to see you on T.V. I know you will be amazing!!

  8. Michael hajkowski says:

    Hey Reagan, You are a wonderful person and a good actress. I’m excited to watch you in the show :)

  9. alex sandoval says:

    go reagan!! u should take me to watch u film haha. tell me when the episodes come on.

  10. alyssa clifford says:

    i love you!!!!!!!!!!! i am soo looking forward to hanging with you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Bryan Morris Brand says:

    Hey Reagan

  12. Bryan Morris Brand says:

    Hey Reagan
    Hey Your Awesome!!!! You should Email me! I cant wait to see you in this show!!

  13. Uncle John says:

    Hey Reagan, you sure have grown up. Hope to see and the rest of your family this summer.

  14. Lindsey Apple says:

    Hey Reagan! omg girl u rock! your fun and a pleasure to be around. I have fun doing KOTP with you :) <3 you girl!

  15. Grandpa Chaffin says:

    Oh what fun watching you grow. I am proud of you

  16. wow, you look pretty in this picture! I cant wait to see you in an episode!

  17. TORI B says:


  18. Alysha says:

    Go girl you rock!!!

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