The “Kids on the the Porch” focus is helping Sponsors think beyond the 15, 30,and 60 second commercial. The initial results from television advertising bear witness that when viewers are in control of their media experiences, they quickly opt-out of any sponsor scenario to which they are not committed. Our incentive on Kids on the Porch TV is to return to INTEGRATED PROGRAM SPONSORSHIP models that integrate the sponsor and their products within the Program itself, rather than soley as commercial advertisers.

The Kids on the Porch TV Program Sponsorship plan provides the benefit of enhanced visibility amidst a cluttered programming and commercial environment. It also provides viewers an image of corporate importance and elevates the brand to the forefront of viewer’s awareness, and Kids on the Porch TV is committed to helping our program sponsors gain control of their advertising dollars. By implementing intelligent and cleverly conceived sponsorship strategies, we can provide seamless integration between programming and marketing-the essential foundation for Kids on the Porch TV program Sponsorship models. We offer our Sponsors an affordable way to advertise, promote and cross promote their products.

If you are a serious Sponsor looking to reach hundreds of thousands of consumers through Kids on the Porch TV, please contact our Executive Producer Rayna Ray at 310-226-8480 for information and a complete Sponsorship package.


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